Daily Repeat 2 #365: Last One!

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Two years of 365 Challenge done! I learned that doing something like this is good to develop your creative eye, that sometimes just getting it in is an accomplishment, and probably there are a few gems among the tons of average stuff. Taking a break and then, starting a 52 Challenge.
The book is what I started it all.




Daily Repeat 2 #364: Fungi

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Daily Repeat 2 #363: Adirondack Sock Monkey

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Look who I found at the local antique fair.


Daily Repeat 2 #362: Tapestry

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Only 3 more to go, then I plan on transitioning to a “52 Challenge” (weekly repeat).
This is a foliage picture I ran through the Glaze app. It reminds me of trees in medieval tapestries.


Daily Repeat 2 #361: ART

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Well, I am taking my good old time finishing off my #365 Challenge. I just want those last few images to be special.


Daily Repeat 2 #360: Fall Beds

•September 14, 2014 • Leave a Comment

The garden beds are putting on one last show before fall really sets in.


Daily Repeat 2 #359: Fig Leaves

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