Weekly Repeat: #8

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Well, I am way off on posting weekly, but the record breaking cold and snowfalls cramped my style. Hopefully, this is the last snowy picture for quite awhile.


Weekly Repeat: #7

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I watched a PBS special yesterday that talked about two interesting careers: a “found photography” dealer and an iPhone photographer. For inexplicable reasons, that got me rolling on some photography today.


Weekly Repeat: #6

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I had hoped to get a sparkly outdoor shot, but nothing was jumping out at me. Then today, while holed up in my den recuperating from the flu, there it was–the picture for this week.


Weekly Repeat: #5

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I love the mix of old buildings, innovative architecture, and the windmill.


Weekly Repeat: Four

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I decided that both the close up and the reflection shot should be posted.



Weekly Repeat 2015: Three

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Weekly Repeat 2015: Two

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