Back Again

In the time I have been off this site, I have been busy doing other things (in addition to being a full-time art educator):

  • I earned a second Masters degree in August of 2018, Master in Learning Technologies from The Ohio State University. It was fully online and that experience taught me a lot about good visuals and using interactive design for learning.
  • I started designing instructional websites (using WP and Google Classroom) both for myself and co-workers, family.
  • I migrated my photography energies to Instagram, so I am no longer posting daily or weekly challenges for myself on this site.

My school website, which is basically a newsletter for my school community and has explanations/examples of our art curriculum is at

I added a new Symbaloo to that site, with some of my new favorite creative apps, which can be accessed here-

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Daily Repeat 2 #365: Last One!

Two years of 365 Challenge done! I learned that doing something like this is good to develop your creative eye, that sometimes just getting it in is an accomplishment, and probably there are a few gems among the tons of average stuff. Taking a break and then, starting a 52 Challenge.
The book is what I started it all.