ATC Progress

I started on my ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) for the 2.0 group, but still thinking about my Tip-In design. So far, I cut apart 6 Altoids tins, flattened the lids and sanded them. Then, I adhered poster board to the backs and put some textural gesso on them. I’m still working on how to honor the tin design and make my own art, plus keep them visually intricate. Here’s a link to a resource for things like altered books and collage at “go make something” blog. Additionally, I’m starting a technology class next week. So, I’m making good on those plans outlined earlier. Here’s some Photobooth piks of the early stages of my ATC’s.


Art House & Chunky ATC’s

From site: “Art House projects are a way to create a community of artists and give anyone a chance to be part of something creative. We hold an exhibition for most projects at our library in Brooklyn, NY.” So many cool projects to inspire as an artist or teacher! Also, if you have a 2 by 4 laying around too warped for anything good, try a “chunky ATC“.