Collaborative Tip-In project

The Getty ListServ “Tip-In” is complete; the theme was ‘A New Way of Seeing”. I started by writing a “flarf” and let that be the visual entry point. One phrase from the poem that helped guide the media and composition was “infused with melancholy”."A New Way of Seeing" Judy Decker (of “The Incredible Art Dept.”) is hosting the “tip-in”, which has 29 participants from all over the U.S. After we send-off our nine pages (keeping one), we get nine different ones in return. From J. Decker:  “What to do with pages when you receive them?: Find an old book that you feel no guilt removing pages. I “rescue” old books from the library for 25 cents each. Take a page with you so you are sure to get a book that is big enough. Books with sewn in pages are much easier to work with (in my opinion). You will remove many of the pages completely. Count out how many pages you wish to insert -cut out two pages for each new page leaving 1/2 wide “tabs” to hold your new pages (use X-acto knife, straight edge metal ruler and
cardboard). I include a title page in mine listing all of the participants in that particular book, too – along with date. I also “tip in” the description/meaning pages that are sent. I use regular Elmer’s glue – just a thin line – to tip-in the pages between two tabs but many prefer to use “Red Line” tape – a double stick tape that comes in various widths (the red backing is pealed off).”