Design Thinking

The big push in my classes right now is on “design thinking“, and we started with mindmaps. I was doing mindmaps in school as a young student back when teachers called it “doodling” (as in “Stop doodling and take real notes.”) How I wish I had copyrighted the concept, but then, I would not be having the time of my life as an art teacher :). So, we are making the maps, and the students are loving it, and I’m thinking what a great scaffold piece for what goes on in the classrooms. Then, the assessment piece comes in, meaning, is a drawing/map/note-taking device measurable in a normative way? Right now, I cannot answer that question, yet I am quite sure the students did learn a valuable way to organize their knowledge. So, what are we designing following the brainstorm, rapid prototyping, revise, prototype again loop? Wallets, check the Stanford d-school project. Oh, and yes, I suspect many designs will involve duct tape. Instructions for: Paper Wallet, Duct Tape Wallet, Cardboard Wallet.


~ by lgirbino on November 6, 2011.

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