Boredom is Good

Scott Adams (of “Dilbert” fame) is the latest muse to promote the benefits of boredom. Ironically, my nephew was in town, and asked me if he could take home my old “Spirograph” (since I clearly labelled it in beginner cursive as belonging to me, “aged 10”, I can assuredly verify the “Kennar” set as being 40 years old). Of course, I acquiesced, and immediately went back in time to the days when kids were allowed pins, gears, and other fun stuff. The point: I spent hundreds of hours enjoying that set, making tons & tons of geometric drawings, which I probably would have ditched in a heartbeat if I had been allowed to: a) watch T.V. more than a few hours; b) video games/internet/iPads were around; c) had not been bored. Man, I had the “Super Spirograph” (you can get on Ebay for about $30), and it was & still is superior to the watered-down Hasbro version (new, $10). Of course, “there’s an app for that”, but getting that old set out and explaining the careful pinning/configurations you could make, made me realize that most kids today would be bored by such intricacies and we are all a bit poorer by that fact.


~ by lgirbino on August 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Boredom is Good”

  1. Owen is loving the spirograph and made a birthday card for a friend. He is taking great care of his new “cool thing”.

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