Summer School, UbD, & Flip Instruction

Started taking summer post-grad classes to get something called a “Teacher Leader” license, and that has been keeping me crazy-busy. Actually, summer is a great time for teachers to go to school: more relaxing, more reflective, don’t have homework on top of long days, etc. I thought I’d post my “Summer Symbaloo” mix I made for my students just before school ended, which is one way they can beat the boredom & get creative. In addition to a deep investigation of backwards design planning, I’m also creating resources for students regarding digital footprints. I’ve parked much of the information on my Delicious site (also, really good information there regarding “reverse instruction”, too). On the art end, doing another “Tip-In” with folks from the Getty listserv, resources here.I’m also teaching several more art seminars over the summer…Now, back to “backwards design”. Of course the gurus are Wiggins and McTighe, but what I really am drawn to is the “big ideas” aspect. Going beyond typical DBAE stuff and making everything more connected for the students. So, that is my summer in a nutshell—hope someone finds a few of the resources helpful.


~ by lgirbino on June 26, 2011.

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