The Good Day

The good day in the art room starts with all six classes (four in a row, then lunch, then 2 more) coming into the classroom and saying, “yeah–you’re here!” (I was too sick to teach for an unprecedented 2 days last week). Then, proceeds with beautiful artwork being completed, even time for sketchbooks in 5th grade. The kiln is quietly clicking away in the next room. New art is getting graded, labeled, hung in the halls. I notice students coming down the halls and stopping, pointing, talking about the art. Then, art club begins (after 8 hours of being at school, but this group energizes me every time). We made clocks from foam core painted with acrylic paint & laminated clock faces spray mounted to the piece, quick hammer and hole punch through the 2 layers, clock face & out the door with the clock kits in an hour, just me & nearly 30 students. Seriously, these pieces turn out so great each year, they could be in a design magazine! Ahh, then, the capstone of my good day, some very positive comments from a parent picking up their student. Yes, today was a good day, and really, any day making art with students is a good day, but this one was especially nice.


~ by lgirbino on March 24, 2011.

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