A Day in My Art Room & Stop-Motion Thoughts

Made a quick Animoto showing one day of activity with all the papier mache units (third grade puppets and fifth grade recyclable sculptures):
We are also starting (pretty late, but we might make the Rotoball deadline) stop-motion using claymation again (like our first year’s entry, but without the Rotoscoping). It is great fun to guide the art club members through the thought process necessary for stop motion. Already, I’m thinking next year could be really interesting by using a GIANT roll of paper and just drawing the whole thing, then setting up a tri-pod (need to get one) & shooting down on the images as we “roll” them across. I guess I’m thinking of something not as crazy, but just as cool as “The Pen Story” from Olympus:

Last thing on my mind this past week, we’ve been playing catch-up with some classes, and extension activities with others so we can all get on the same page by next week! I am really glad that I added sketchbooking to the fifth grade and have computers for fourth grade to experiment with Photoshop—both activities have been hugely popular. I wish we had more time in art to truly dive deeper into everything: animation, sculpture, computers, sketchbooks. I’ve got some ideas for next year on this…


~ by lgirbino on February 5, 2011.

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