Sub Umbra Sede

There was a man, Giorgio Carbone, who invented his own country (Seborga, a five square acre western speck on the Italian Riviera). He was able to convince his peers that their national identity was lost during the Crusades, was duly elected, and established an identity with money, stamps, a palace, and a national motto: “Sub Umbra Sede (Sit in the Shade).” Mr. Carbone passed away in 2009, but I am so taken with the idea of reclaiming a perceived loss, of being both serious and creatively fun with staking an identity, that I am going to use that lovely motto as my own this year! Being an artist, becoming an art teacher after a successful design career, is a lot like inventing your own country—staking a claim on an often overlooked corner of the educational map, having enough passion to convince your peers of the value of your “country”, establishing a visual presence and pouring all your heart into nurturing that vision. So, what is the “shade”, and why should we sit in it? Well, everyone has their own way to interpret idiosyncratic mottos and sayings, but I think of all the creative breakthroughs my students have, the lovely art that gets made, the happy vibe of my classroom/country, and this year, 2011, I hope to take a moment out of every busy, crazy, fun day and “sub umbra sede.”


~ by lgirbino on January 1, 2011.

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