Clay, Colors, the Muse

The fifth grade clay is still drying, but here’s a picture of what some of the pieces look like while we wait for bisque-firing (still at least a week away).Also, here’s one photo of our Photoshop project, “Typeface Faces”…I’ve been looking at the fall foliage, rapidly fading but still striking in the russet hues browning-off before they succumb to the ground. Fall is a great time to look at color in the art room, and really noodle around with paints, printing inks (which we have been doing)! The fourth printmaking unit turned out pretty cool, too. Which leads me to “the Muse”, what inspires me in my curriculum writing and my own art. Being outside really inspires me, but during the school year, I’m mostly in my classroom, and then, it is students’ creativity which inspires me. I catch a little snippet of conversation involving their creative process, and I get so excited that a discovery or a connection was made, and I strive to set up those conditions for “ah-ha” moments. When I walk into my room these past two weeks, and in the early hour and a half before the building starts filling up and getting loud, I clear off the racks filled with fifty linoleum block prints, fifty painted papers, and another fifty or so sketchbooks; I look at that creative output with awe, and I think, “Man, this is the coolest job in the world!” So, “the Muse” changes with the seasons, it seems, and right now, as brilliant colors are giving way to muted palettes, my inspiration changes with the classes and their energy.


~ by lgirbino on October 31, 2010.

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