When Art is Fun

I’ve been having a fun week as an art educator, and had a fun weekend as an artist. Over the weekend, I took my daughter and a friend to a local “Metropark” for a digital photoshoot. The fall colors were just shy of “peak”, but the right vibe was there—creative thinking inspired by a wondrous day. We even had ginger tea and snacks deep in the woods, perched on overgrown tree roots (so “Alice in Wonderland”). It was so illuminating to review my shots versus my daughter’s shots that night, a definite digital perk! I was doing the usual art school thing, framing and bracketing shots, looking for “rules of thirds” and the like. My daughter, on the other hand, was climbing into tree trunks, laying down on the grass and shooting outside the depth of field, moving while taking shots, etc. Yeah, guess which photos looked the best? Now, as for teaching….I really took a leap of faith on this dragon/gargoyle project and let the parameters pretty open (after much clay construction emphasis because I want the pieces to be fired without incident). So far, the sculptures look amazing! Lesson learned: after you cover the basics, the best art is when art is fun.


~ by lgirbino on October 19, 2010.

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