Divergent Thinking

Sir Ken Robinson, as usual, brings up salient and valid points about educational paradigms, see http://edupln.com/video/rsa-animate-changing…Essentially, we all know how the Arts have been devalued, which in essence, devalues aesthetic experience (defined in the discussion as “your senses operating at their peak”), which in turn, supports divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is what brought the Chilean miners up from the bowels of the Earth, as a small Pennsylvania mine company with an innovative drill rig took the reins and offered their help after hearing that the miners might not be retrieved until late December. Divergent thinking is “an essential capacity for creativity” (Sir Ken Robinson), and creativity can be defined as “original ideas that have value” (again, Sir Ken R.). Divergent thinking also was involved in the innovative capsule used to bring the miners up. On-the-spot problem solving was required, as was collaboration, in ending the miner’s ordeal. I read an article in WSJ that described the geologist deciding that the probing drills angle needed to be adjusted for vibration, which was done on a “hunch” as opposed to empirical data or past practice. That decision alone exemplifies the value of divergent thinking…We need to support aesthetic experience and divergent thinking, bring problem-based learning, collaboration, and creativity back into classrooms. Whatever the reason, testing, or standardization, or economics or anything else, to get to “Age of Enlightenment 2.0”, we need to honor Bloom’s hierarchy , with “creativity” at the top.


~ by lgirbino on October 16, 2010.

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