What Does Art Mean to Me?

Craig R. shared this great video from Vimeo, where people discuss what art means to them-http://vimeo.com/5732460
This past week, my husband was in an art show, placing second. We were pretty excited, but realized that the winner had probably painted over a giclee (photo printed on canvas), rather than a “straight” oil painting. Was it art? Sure it was, but more an altered photo than an oil painting…So what does art mean to me? Pretty much everything–a way of seeing & knowing, how I met my husband; quite often, how we spend time as a family; my career. But, watch the video, and hear how deeply people feel about the EXPERIENCE of art, whether it is looking at it or creating it, art gives meaning and insight into the human condition. To that end, I’m starting the year with “One Day on Earth” with two of my grade levels.


~ by lgirbino on August 15, 2010.

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