Watercolor Seminar Reflection

I posted my tweets on this at http://twitter.com/lgirbino but it was worth going into more detail. First, I enjoyed facilitating such a well-known media and showing people a few cool tricks. Secondly, everyone comes with their own preconceptions about their “best” media or style, so pushing seeing fellow art teachers push their comfort zone was so invigorating! I also bookmarked a ton of watercolor reference at my delicious site. I sincerely hope that I find time to do a few more watercolors of my own before school resumes. Easily evident from the seminar: “Painting in watercolor is like walking a tight-rope; one must find perfect balance between what the paint wants to do and what the artist wants to do, or all is lost” (Mary C. Taylor); “You have to negotiate with this medium. It wants to have some say in the work. If you ignore it completely, it will scream ‘Liar” at you’ (Bill Vrscak). Lastly, ultra cool watercolor animation:


~ by lgirbino on July 21, 2010.

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