Halfway Point to Summer

Current collaborative art projects sent out, check. Read 4 fiction, 2 non-fiction books and went back to the library for more books, so a check for summer reading. Garden and yard in good order, check. Cleaned out my closet, check. Realized that my summer is half over and we still have not decided which website(s) to use for selling art online–so not a check. I have found two more options: Art Gallery Worldwide and Fine Art America. Still on the fence about this as it seems like so much work to upload images & set up. Reflecting back on commercial freelance work, everything was word-of-mouth and we were always busy. The economy has changed…Anyway, teaching a graduate watercolor class next week, which I’m really looking forward to. Right now, with all the garden flowers and lovely scenery, I am thinking landscapes. Some watercolor quotes: “Watercolors is the first and the last thing an artist does.” (Willem de Kooning); “You have to negotiate with this medium. It wants to have some say in the work. If you ignore it completely, it will scream ‘Liar’ at you.” (Bill Vrscak). Lastly, a definitive watercolor resource at Handprint.Com. I’m ready to paint!


~ by lgirbino on July 16, 2010.

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