Conceptualizing vs. Apprenticeship

In many ways, everything that is going on in my life creatively is falling into two distinct categories: highly conceptual and intense craftsmanship. Which got me wondering, based on my earlier readings in “Powerful Learning”, if “cognitive apprenticeships” are important in guiding a learner, then how can we incorporate “craftsmanship apprenticeships”?  Today’s New York Times Art & Design section has an article about this very topic. One show is about relational aesthetics, and the other show is about crafted objects. The question posed is, “Is making art objects regressive? Does making work that sells amount to selling out? How valid is self-expression in art?”…In the Google Era, does/can internet collaborations meet the needs of budding craftsmen? True story: for weeks my daughter was looking for one specific knitting pattern online, no luck. Finally, I took her to a local knitting store, but still could not find exactly what she wanted. Then, the store clerk came up, turns out she designs patterns, had the pattern my daughter wanted, and on the spot, explained the variations that could be done to make the design even easier. I took this as a teachable moment to explain the value of “primary sources”. The artist is no longer alone in their studio when they use computer resources; the teacher is no longer the singular, primary source. We are all curators now, but attending to any apprenticeship situation, cognitive/craftsman, probably should also balance primary sources (e.g. face-to-face) and secondary sources (e.g. blogs, wikis, etc.)


~ by lgirbino on July 3, 2010.

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