Powerful Learning Reflection

I am linking to my chapter reflection here. To avoid the redundancy, I will just point out that as an art teacher and practicing artist, inquiry-based learning (problem-based learning) is really where I try to be as much as possible. From chapter one: “it has been hypothesized that as students become engaged as producers of complex products and organizers of long-term projects, they begin to recognize within themselves  capacities that lead them to identify as authors, designers, critical consumers, and analysts.” Check out Edutopia for full scoop. Okay, as for the art side, I’m almost done with my Artists’ Trading Cards, they came out very cool, and I found plastic sleeves while antique-ing yesterday (hooray for serendipity). Next up, mailing them off and getting on the “tip-in” pages. I wrote a “flarf” on the theme, “a new way of seeing”. I did that because I thought the theme was little trite and I needed a better visual entry point. Lastly, while I was out on my sunny, sunny deck reading my “homework”, I saw a crazy cool shadow on my foot that I just had to photograph, quite possible the entry into my next art show. (I’ll post the flarf poem and finished ATC piks another time).


~ by lgirbino on July 1, 2010.

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