Old Barn

Yesterday was a good day. Drove into the next town with the family (very quaint, village square) for paint. Stopped for ice cream. On a whim, stopped at an estate sale in an old barn. This barn was built by the Amish in the early 1850’s; it was huge, and an epic beauty with sunlight filtering through some popped-out knotholes, wide 18″ planking, pegged construction. We could smell horses in the stalls below, which were kept cool by being earth-level. The dealers had already swept in at first opening the day before and filled-up their trucks and vans, only the odd bits of generational collecting was left. Still, I managed to find scarfs for ten cents and some interesting ceramic pieces for a quarter. It was a hot one, 90 degrees, and although I wished that I had brought my camera with me, I would not head back for that one great picture, choosing instead to start hand washing the hand-embroidered tablecloth and scarfs so they could dry in the late afternoon sun…On the drive, I realized how I would approach two collaborative art projects, ATC’s and a Tip-In (from “Go Make Something” blog :”In the altered book world, tip-ins have become the cost effective way to do a collaborative book without incurring the cost of mailing entire books between artists.”). That old barn made a strong and lasting creative impression even without the photograph.


~ by lgirbino on June 20, 2010.

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